If you find a single insect that's unusual there is generally nothing to be alarmed about. But if you are finding lots, or the same ones frequently then you may want to investigate further.
UV Tubes
UV Tubes need replaced annually and in food areas Shatterproof is essential to meet Glass free requirements. For this reason, and for safety when handling, we only supply and fit Shatterproof UV Tubes.
April 2019
Don't use the old jam jar with water and jam although some may be caught, those that get away tell others and so the numbers coming to the jam jar increase making the problem worse.
April 2019
When getting soft drinks for children from a dispensing machine, use a straw. Wasps can crawl into the pipe and get flushed into the cup. You may not see the insect in a Cola drink with stings to the mouth more frequent than you would think.
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