Rodents can cause a wide range of damage to property and products - you might be surprised to find how frequently expensive electrical faults in vehicles have been caused by their gnawing habits.

Contamination can be a significant concern. A mouse may produce up to 80 droppings a day, whilst these may be seen their urine may not. So even a single mouse cannot be tolerated in a food premises.

Successful Pest Management is based on collaboration between ourselves and our client and is best achieved when both parties focus the principle of Exclusion, Restriction and Destruction.
Exclusion requires that the buildings are Pest Proofed, for example, with Insect Screens against Flying Insects in food preparation areas and defects in the structure sealed to prevent Rodent or Bird entry. On an ongoing basis Staff should be "educated" to ensure doors are closed when not in use.
Restriction simply means limiting the potential to breed within the premises, which involves minimising food sources and harbourages through good housekeeping and warehousing practices. The standards currently in place are satisfactory and our reporting system would provide feedback to help maintain high levels. We can help with this through our Hygiene auditing service.
Destruction is the elimination of those pests that manage to get through or carried in on Goods. Here again the partnership between close monitoring by us and awareness by staff reduces the risk of infestation becoming established. As a first line of defence External Tamper Resistant Bait Points were traditionally used to control Rodents outside the premises. However indiscriminate and continuous use of Bait in such areas can put wildlife at risk.

For many years as part of HygieneZone's Environmental Management System our policy has been to use the minimum effective amount of toxic materials in general and follow the CRRU Code* as far as is practical in each situation. This reduces the risk to non-target species such as Field Mice and predator birds. This approach has recently become mandatory for all professional Pest Control operations.
*(Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use -

Since the UKs Rodenticide Stewardship regime was introduced in 2016, it has meant that others now have to follow the approach that we have taken for many years.

In addition to our experience, all our technicians are qualified and accredited with the British Pest Control Association's "BPCA Registered".
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