The vast majority of insects enrich and benefit our world and even Wasps have their place in nature's balance.

However, finding an insect problem can be stressful whether the issue is in your business or at home. There are very few insect related problems that we have not encountered before, ranging from Wasps in the summer to Silverfish, Cockroaches, Bedbugs and Fleas.

The first step is to identify the insects causing concern. Sometimes the problem can be narrowed down with a phone call discussing where they are found and other environmental factors. Ideally though, getting a sample and looking at the site will be best.

With species of Flies, the insects are actually a symptom of a different problem. For example, seeing Bluebottles is most likely an indication that there is a dead mouse or other animal nearby.

Another insect which is associated with potentially more serious issues are "Owl Midges" Psycodidae species, where these are seen is an indicator of blocked or leaking drains, which obviously may lead to flooding or expensive repairs if not addressed.

In many cases we can offer reassurance without the need to use Insecticides and it is a key part of our Environmental Management system only to use such chemicals when other methods have been considered first.
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