Pest birds can be a problem and cause various issues from nuisance behaviour and building defacement to food contamination and disease transmission.

HygieneZone are highly experienced in bird control and effective proofing. We are able to provide tailored solutions and specialise in bespoke bird exclusion net installations. But we also use a variety of methods such as:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Discrete wire systems
  • Bird removal and culling
  • Bird faeces removal & decontamination
  • Agri-laser autonomic accredited installers

Our wealth of experience has seen us bird proofing landmark buildings to football stands and small intricate nets to a massive 1300 sq/m installation throughout Northern and Southern Ireland.
The Legal Aspect
All wild birds in the UK are protected by the Countryside and Wildlife Act, and in Northern Ireland by The Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985

Using a reputable and established company will give you peace of mind from any legal aspect of bird control. Pest birds have this protection removed by a General Licence: DEARA General License 2018
Working at Height
In most instances the installation of bird control equipment will need to be carried out at height. HygieneZone staff have the PAL (Powered Access Licence) gained through training at an IPAF registered centre. This ensures we are fully trained to use MEWPs e.g. scissor lifts, self propelled boom platforms and towable lifts, you can be confident in our ability if specialist equipment is required on your site.
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