Pest Management
The last thing that we want to do is kill things!

With over 50 years combined experience you can be assured that our team will provide knowledgeable sound advice. This along with being fully audited to BS EN16636 by the British Pest Control Association allows us to provide an extra level of assurance.

Our Pest Control services are designed in partnership to meet the clients needs, from simple programmes to the exacting requirements of the British Retail Consortium and other accreditations.

For many years as part of HygieneZone's Environmental Management System our policy has been to use the minimum effective amount of toxic materials in general and follow the CRRU Code* as far as is practical in each situation. This reduces the risk to non-target species such as Field Mice and predator birds. This approach has recently become mandatory for all professional Pest Control operations. *(Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use -

Since the UK's Rodenticide Stewardship regime was introduced in 2016, it has meant that others now have to follow the approach that we have taken for many years.

In addition to our experience, all our technicians are qualified and BPCA Registered.
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